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In no particular order, here are links to pages about Windows and PocketPC software I feel are essential, some products I just canít live without, and miscellaneous other pages of interest. Click on a link below to jump down the page to the corresponding area:

8 Friends and Family (email me if you want to be listed).
         (I have deliberately omitted my email address. First, it prevents spammersí
         webcrawlers from snagging it and burying me in email. Second, if you donít
         know my address already or have some other way to contact me, I probably
         donít know you well enough to link your site anyway!)
8 Windows Software Essentials
8 Digital Photography Tools
8 Audio/Video Tools
8 Internet Tools
8 Miscellaneous Tools
8 PocketPC Tools
8 How did I ever live without these?
8 Miscellaneous Fun


Friends & Family

8 My Momís Site

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Windows Software Essentials

Digital Photography Tools
8 CaptureOne DSLR - a serious digital photography workflow tool, including superior
         conversion of raw images..
8 BibblePro - a low cost and very powerful alternative to CaptureOne DSLR - not quite as fast, but feature rich and very easy to use.
8 Photoshop - THE tool for any changes to pictures, including retouching, adjusting, cropping, etc.

Audio/Video Tools
8 GoldWave - a strong but cheap tool for editing audio files (like MP3s, WAVs, etc.)
8 MultiQuence - an excellent and inexpensive video editing tool, allowing you to overlay music, captions
         and other effects very easily.
8 Apple iTunes - my preferred tool for ripping and managing MP3s as well as burning CDs. Handles
         other formats like AAC & WMA. Very slick playlist management and ultra-flexible and powerful
         playback sequencing options. Integrates very well with the Apple Music Store, which has an
         outstanding selection of music. And if you have an iPod, transfer of music and playlists is fast
         and painless.
8 Pinnacle Studio - another video editing tool, this one lets you script and burn DVDs.

Internet Tools
8 Firefox - An alternate browser to Internet Explorer. More capable, and not susceptible
         to the frequent security breaches found in Internet Explorer. (And itís free.)
8 Thunderbird - From Mozilla, the same people that put out Firefox, this this an email
         client that replaces OutlookExpress. Again, much more capable and secure than the
         Microsoft Program. (And itís also free.)
8 NetObjects Fusion - the tool I use to create and manage my web sites. Very easy and
         reasonably capable.
8 WS_FTP Pro - my FTP tool for file management on the web.

Miscellaneous Tools
8 WinZip - A must have - lets you group files and squeeze them down for emailing.
         More importantly, letís you read files that others have ďzippedĒ and sent to you!
8 TextPad - a very powerful plain text editor, useful for working with source code and other
         text files.
8 GRBackPro - a backup tool. Very powerful with lots of options and control
         (so may not be for everyone).
8 Irfanview - another must have, this lets you read/view/listen to virtually every picture, video, or
         sound file out there. And itís Free!
8 Norton Internet Security - anti-virus, firewall, anti-spam, and other features that do a very good
         job of protecting you and your computer from much of the crap thatís out there.
8 DS Clock - for those who, like me, are very anal about what time it is. This puts a digital
         clock on the screen thatís easy to read. More importantly, though, it keeps your computerís
         clock dead-accurate by periodically resetting it from one of the National Standard Atomic Clocks.

PocketPC Tools
8 Spb Time - stopwatch, alarm clock, multiple count-down & count-up timers
8 SplashID - a place to store all your passwords, account numbers, and other key information. Comes
         with a PC version so you can access the data from your PC, too. The data is encrypted and
         password protected, so you can have it with you at all times but not worry about someone
         else getting access to it.
8 eReader - an electronic book reading program. The site has a large and constantly growing
         collection of books and magazines. I keep a couple of dozen novels and reference books on
         my PocketPC, so I donít mind standing in line or waiting for someone whoís late - I just fire up
         eReader and enjoy a book.
8 Pocket Quicken - An excellent portable finance program for those using Quicken on their PC, this
         program lets you see old transactions, enter new ones, and check your budget.
8 Pocket 15C - For people that like Hewlett Packardís RPN calculators, this is a very nice, very good
         looking version that you can take with you without carrying another device.
8 All-in Hold Ďem - With Texas Hold Ďem taking over the world, why should your PocketPC be immune?
8 Brighthand - a good site for news, reviews, and discussion of software and hardware.
8 PocketGear - a good source for software for your PocketPC

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How Did I Ever Live Without These???

Essential Toys
8TiVo - Come on, join the cult! If youíre not sure, talk to someone who owns one. Trust me.
8 DirecTV - Digital Quality (the picture was so clear, I thought I had a new TV). Huge
         programming selection (especially sports). Pay-per-view (really cuts down on the
         back-and-forth to Blockbuster!). Searchable program guide. Great customer service
         and web services. Whatís not to love?

         And now Iím in couch potato heaven, with a combined DirecTV High Definition TiVo box that lets me
         do all things TiVo with High Definition programming. Oh, man...

8 iPod - MP3 players donít come any better. Huge capacity and a snap to use. Automatically
         synchronizes files and playlists with MusicMatch Jukebox (included) or, better yet, iTunes (free)
         on your PC. Pardon the expression, but this thing really rocks!
8ValentineOne - The worldís best radar detector, bar none, year in and year out. Phenomenal
         support for both products and customers, and a track record of providing upgrades at very
         reasonable prices as the technology changes. Simply the best available, and extremely effective.
         Directional arrows that tell you where the radar is put this unit in a class by itself.
8 GPS - Garminís nuvi 660 GPS unit is really liberating. With it in the car, I donít fear trying new routes,
         or going exploring, because I can always pop it on the dash and get back home or back on track. I
         can also find virtually any store or home, from any starting point, as long as I have the address, or
         even a nearby intersection. And the 660 is portable, meaning I can throw it in the suitcase when
         traveling, and be completely comfortable driving in strange cities. the built-in hard drive holds
         many megabytes of maps and business information for the entire country, which is very cool.

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Fun Stuff

8 Zanies (Vernon Hills, IL)
8 Dave Barry
8 Dilbert
8 User Friendly
8 Chicago Indoor Racing!

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