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  • “Blood is thicker than water.”
  • “Friends help you move -- true friends help you move bodies.”
  • “We Are Family.”
  • “It's A Family Affair.”
  • “No man is an island” (but tie a bunch of people together, and you get a pretty decent raft!)

However you say it or sing it, family and friends are the foundation. To see what supports my rather shaky mental castle, visit some of the links on the left, or scroll down this page.

Remember, it could be worse. I could show up at your house and make you look at slides!

Jim Ring, Neil Norr, Me, and Ed Agnew (all Caremark PSDers at the time) watch Championship Chicago Bull John Paxon snuggle with Cheryl Fisher (also PSD) and Jennifer Cohen (former PSD Party Mascot). Texas based former Party Mascot and picture taker Julie Spencer is the reason the guys are smiling. Of course, John is the reason the ladies are smiling, though I still say Ed is copping a feel off of Jen!


Manitou Lighthouse on Lake Michigan

Peebles and Doodle (yes, the family weirdness extends to the way we name our pets), two favorite pets from a while ago.

Peebles (Wee Peebles McDiddle and Doodle (Daddy’s Doodle Dandy) (yes, the family weirdness extends to the way we name our pets), two favorite pets from a while ago.

Sunset at Petersen Park at the northwest coast of Michigan's Leelenau peninsula

Sunset at Petersen Park on the northwest coast of Michigan's Leelenau peninsula

I just like this tree...

Technical Notes

Most of the people featured in these pages, and many of the folks who visit, connect over phone lines of varying quality, using modems of varying speeds. But many other visitors have home or work access to broadband of one form or another. So it was really hard to choose a picture size and quality that would:

  • provide a decent image
  • not take too long to download
  • be easy to navigate, and
  • wouldn't eat up all the space I have available on my web server.

I have finally settled on using images that are no more than 512 pixels in the their longest dimension, saved in JPG format with an 80% ”quality” index, and saved in only a single version (instead of, for example, including a very small thumbnail that could be clicked to bring up a larger, higher-quality image). This is a perfect fit to the definition of a compromise: it's a solution that will make everyone equally unhappy. The broadband people will wish for larger, higher-res pictures, while the dial-up folks will hate how long it takes a page to download. <sigh>; Anyway, if you'd like the full size (varies depending on source and image processing), highest quality (disclaimer ditto) version of any image on this web site, simply e-mail me your request and I'll get it to you when I can.

Note that there are now numerous places (like OFoto) that accept images electronically and will mail photos back to you; many larger photo stores and retail chains (like Walgreens) offer the same service in their stores if you bring in the image on almost any popular storage media!


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